As a major player in the industry, we are proud to have won market recognition of our leading position in R&D capability, especially in the field of inverter welding technology.
    • We have six R&D centers in China, the US and Italy with nearly 200 talents and cutting edge labs equipment. We have developed an effective and unique set of testing process and standards including over 300 test items, of which, the EMC test, harmonics & flicker test and vibration test are recognized as leader in the industry globally.

      We participated in drafting the China national standards for arc welding equipment, including “GB 15579.1-2013 Arc Welding Equipment Part 1: Welding Power Sources”, “GB 15579.2-2014 Arc Welding Equipment Part 2: Liquid Cooling Systems”, and “GB 15579.3- 2014 Arc Welding Equipment Part 3: Arc Striking and Stabilizing Devices”.
    • Not only do we own full intellectual property rights of all our products, but also a number of key technology patents. By the end of October 2018, we have a total of 19 invention patents, 41 utility models, 16 design patents and 23 software copyrights. And we have sought patent protection internationally for our inventions of “welding power sources and AC/DC TIG welders” and “a control circuit and device for inverter welding power source for wide voltage input”.
      We have obtained various certifications such as CCC, CE, RoHS, C-TICK, and CSA.