• Who we are
      Shenzhen JASIC Technology Co., Ltd (JASIC Technology) is an enterprising and R&D focused welding company, trusted by partners in China, its home country and abroad.
    • 80+
      We are proud to be chosen competitively for many national landmark projects, for instance Beijing Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium, Shenzhen Subway and oil pipeline of Petro China. We have also expanded our presence to over 80 countries with unraveled strength in product competitiveness and services. Our revenue has been growing at a CAGR of 35% since inception, our employees reaching 1000 in 2018.
    • We are committed to sustainable long term development driven by customer-oriented corporate culture, underpinned by technological leadership. We shall continue to focus on manufacturing efficiency, R&D investment and next generation products, most importantly to lay the foundation to meet the ever-evolving demands in the high-end market.
    • Integrity and efficiency are the fundamental guiding principles of how we manage business and conduct ourselves. We are keen to enable business success of our partners and quality life of our end-users with our products and services.