MIG250 PFC N2SB2


    Rugged, robust, and industrial look with ergonomic design

    ClearVision Technology

    Intelligent synergic control

    Adaptable wide voltage range

    Welding engineer mode

    Smart Lift TIG

    Consistent and efficient MIG spot welding performance

    Flexible remote control solutions

    Power factor correction (PFC),generator-friendly

    Quick factory reset,auto sleep mode

    Compatible with MIG digital torch, spool gun and pull-push torch

    LED inside wire feeder cabinet, handy accessory storage slot

    On demand fan

    Trolley with cylinder holder

    Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)

    Key power electronic component protection

    Overcurrent ,overheat,overvoltage protection

    MIG250 PFC-01

    MIG250 PFC-02

    MIG250 PFC-03

    MIG250 PFC-04

    MIG250 PFC-05

    MIG250 PFC N2SB2
    Input power AC95 V~265 V, 50/60 Hz
    115 V 230 V
    Open circuit voltage 70V
    MIG Rated input current 53.2 A 44.9 A
    Rated input power capacity 6.1 kVA 10.3 kVA
    Output current range 30~160 A 30~250 A
    Rated duty cycle 30%
    Wire feed speed 2~14m/min 2~18m/min
    Wire spool size D300
    MMA Rated input current 33 A 32.2 A
    Rated input power capacity 3.8 kVA 6.9 kVA
    Output current range 20~125 A 20~220 A
    Rated duty cycle 30%
    TIG Rated input current 29.1 A 26.5 A
    Rated input power capacity 3.3 kVA 6.1 kVA
    Output current range 5~160 A 5~250 A
    Rated duty cycle 30%
    Efficiency >80%
    Power factor 0.99
    ldle state power < 50 W
    Protection class IP23S
    Insulation class H
    Dimensions LxWxH 920x480x755 mm
    Net weight 41.9 kg