CUT40 NHF L2S32


    Rugged, robust, and industrial look with ergonomic design

    ClearVision Technology

    Welding engineer mode

    Sure Plasma technology for consistent arc ignition performance with different torch lengths

    Mesh cutting, 2T/4T, non HF arc ignition and pilot arc

    Gas check, postflow time setting,cutting torch length setting

    Quick factory reset,auto sleep mode

    ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage

    On demand fan

    Key power electronic component protection

    Overcurrent and overheat protection

    CUT40 NHF-01

    CUT40 NHF-02

    CUT40 NHF-03

    CUT40 NHF-04

    CUT40 NHF-05

    CUT40 NHF L2S32
    Input power AC230 V士15%, 50/60 Hz
    Open circuit voltage 280 V
    Rated input current 26 A
    Rated input power capacity 6.0 kVA
    Output current range 20~40 A
    ARC starting NHF
    Rated duty cycle 25%
    Good cutting (carbon steel)/@400mm/min 10 mm
    Severance (carbon steel) 20 mm
    Efficiency 88%
    Power factor 0.6
    ldle state power <50 W
    Protection class IP23S
    Insulation class H
    Dimensions LxWxH 546x166x341 mm
    Net weight 9.2 kg