CUT40 HF L2S22


    Rugged, robust, and industrial look with ergonomic design

    ClearVision Technology

    Welding engineer mode

    Mesh cutting, 2T/4T, HF arc ignition and pilot arc

    Gas check, postflow time setting,cutting torch length setting

    Quick factory reset,auto sleep mode

    ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage

    On demand fan

    Key power electronic component protection

    Overcurrent and overheat protection

    CUT40 HF-01

    CUT40 HF-02

    CUT40 HF-03

    CUT40 HF-04

    CUT40 HF-05

    CUT40 HF L2S22
    Input power AC230 V士15%, 50/60 Hz
    Open circuit voltage 280 V
    Rated input current 26 A
    Rated input power capacity 6.0 kVA
    Output current range 20~40 A
    ARC starting HF
    Rated duty cycle 25%
    Good cutting (carbon steel)/@400mm/min 10 mm
    Severance (carbon steel) 20 mm
    Efficiency 88%
    Power factor 0.6
    ldle state power <50 W
    Protection class IP23S
    Insulation class H
    Dimensions LxWxH 546x166x341 mm
    Net weight 9.6 kg