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    The 14TH China Dealers Conference Convened Successfully

    June 26, 2019, Jasic Technology Company Ltd. (Jasic Technology), a leading player in the welding industry, held its 14th China Dealers Conference in Shanghai with the theme of "Gathering Winning Strength for the Future". Jasic Technology is committed to sharing success with distribution partners both at home and abroad through mutual trust and respect.

    Mr. Pan lei, Chairman and President of Jasic Technology, shared his thoughts and views on current geo-political tensions, the industry change in China market and most importantly the future strategy of Jasic Technology in responding to such change. Mr. Pan emphasized that Jasic Technology remains positive to opportunities to be brought about by an unstable and complex market place through strengthened partnership with dealers. He also appreciates continued trust from all dealers to Jasic brand and products, and the company is committed to supporting dealers to improve their professional skills so as to raise the overall ability in servicing the end users.

    China Marketing Director Mr. Su Lei covered a variety of areas including new products R&D, sales channel strategy review, brand promotion, results of sales target, and sales performance progress in 2019. The manufacturing, sourcing and sales of welding material, welder accessories and parts are the essence of our diversification strategy which is a major corporate strategic initiative. A wholly-owned subsidiary named Jasic Precision Industry Company (“Jasic Precision”) specializing in welder accessories and parts has become profitable following inception two years ago. As a gesture to share future growth and success, Jasic Technology announced its offer to eligible dealers with shared aspiration and belief to become equity holders of Jasic Precision.

    Mr. Su also announced the launch of Jasic NOVO series at this conference. Apart from some new features, this new series has labeled the actual current – a deed unprecedented by any peer brand. This is another effort of Jasic Technology to establish new industry practice so as to further protect the interest of business partners and users. Dealers at the conference welcomed the new series and appreciated the efforts. They learnt the new features and are optimistic to the sales prospects of Jasic NOVO series.

    Since 2013 Jasic Technology has given branded service vehicles to dealers free of charge in an effort to help raise their service capability. At this conference, 10 dealers were awarded with the branded service vehicle each, bringing the total number of donated vehicles to 80. Mr. Hu Zuchao, a dealer from Anhui province, was very excited with the initiative and expressed openly his keenness to partner with Jasic Technology more closely and in many years to come.